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Samosys is one of the leading Node JS development companies in India. We are well-known for developing and building rich, high-performance, scalable and secured applications, both for web and mobile. The developers at Samosys are very proficient with MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS and include both the MEAN and the MERN stack.

Node JS is primarily used for developing a very responsive, efficient, and scalable application for web and mobiles in real-time. We also offer cross-platform Node JS Web Development Solutions that will run on multiple platforms.



About Node?

Node JS is usually used to build the services that are back-end and can communicate with client-side applications. The applications that are made with Node JS are readily compatible with a wide variety of platforms. Applications that are generally built on Node JS can handle multiple client application requests at a single time.

Node JS applications are a preferred choice of top-standard & internationally recognised IT companies. It’s great for developing streaming platforms as well as eCommerce stores. The model is very great and efficient to use. If you feel that you are lagging anywhere in providing a better experience to your customers or users, try hiring our Node JS developer team. Our application deliverables will add great value to your business.




  • Node JS is one of the most famous platforms with millions of users worldwide, with billions of successfully running web pages.
  • It allows your integration with other tools and technologies.
  • It has been one of the top choices for IoT platform developers. It is used to build AI-powered chatbots as it provides accurate results. It yields higher efficiency on both sides (client as well as server).
  • The Node JS Platform, along with Angular and React JS, can develop very great business solutions.
  • The platform is ideal for creating better application response time, working time, and productivity to give businesses a competitive advantage.
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    What to expect:

  • Samosys has successfully delivered multiple projects and worked with many industries, including the medical field, fintech, logistics, tech, media, and many more. Every single one of them has proudly recognised us as one of the best Node JS development companies in India, so far.
  • We keep in mind the needs of our clients and the projects are built keeping the constraints in place if needed.
  • The developers who work in our team are highly experienced and know how to deal with many situations with ease and build real-time applications.
  • We often sign NDA with our clients and customers who want more privacy. This is to ensure data security and projection.
  • We believe that things should be fair and square from all sides. Hence, we provide 100% transparency in our business across the whole project development cycle.
  • With years of experience in our basket, we have entitled to credit ourselves as one of the most prominent Node JS development agencies in India. Take our words and get in contact with our experts with just one click. We’ll ensure you get what you expected and even more.