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Beacon Development services in India

Beacon technology is a low energy, low powered, and low-cost Bluetooth device that uses low-frequency for transmitting weak signals to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. At Samosys, we recognized the vital shift to digital mobile and location relevancy in the modern world, so we offer smart solutions that bring mobile context to location-based services. Our Beacon app solutions leverage this technology's potential by opening doors for new opportunities, including data collection, location-based campaigns, and more. Our Beacon app development solutions are concentrated on delivering the right information to the relevant participants at the right time in the correct format.




When the world is revolving around IoT (Internet of Things), where the internet has the potential to change conventional approaches, its base comes from BLE and Beacon, who made the concept of connecting devices. Beacons are commonly used to transmit push notifications or send targeted information to consumers and prospects seamlessly.

Samosys is a well known Beacon and iBeacon App Development Company in India. Our experts are well trained to develop Beacon Apps for the business and enterprises around the world. We have developed many iBeacon Apps for our clients in the past 10 years. With our expertise and experience, consumers have benefited and grew their revenue using the iBeacon App and device. Our Beacon App Development portfolio includes restaurant booking, taxi booking, provision store, fashion store & many more.




  • This is the best choice for sending advertisements. With Beacon app development, you can send free coupons to your customer and retention them to purchase a product from your store.
  • It connects the customers with offers when they pass through your store.
  • Beacon apps play a significant role in brand awareness and also building effective customer relationships.
  • It also gives on-demand product information with no delay.
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    What to expect:

  • Our Beacon App Development services include iOS / Android App Beacon design, back-end development, and iBeacon integration on your iOS app.
  • Our beacon app developers' skill level is unrivaled in the market and offers the best app development practices in the industry.
  • We have no objection to signing NDA; for us, client's confidentiality matters the most.
  • Our Beacon app developers provide 24/7 technical support.