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Invade the Mobile World with Top-Notch Hybrid App Development.

We have seen a paradigm shift in the demand for launching a mobile-first approach after the introduction of Hybrid Technology in Mobile App Development. The hybrid technology leverages the developers to write a single piece of code and execute it on a different operating system like Android, iOS & Windows etc.

Samosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading hybrid app development company in India. We combine CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript knowledge with the trending hybrid frameworks like Ionic, React Native, PhoneGap, Sencha, Appcelerator, and many more in order to create a seamless cross-platform mobility solution for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses. Our dedicated team of hybrid app developers has skilled UX designers, qualified visual designers and experienced software engineers with in-depth knowledge of mobile web development technologies. We design intuitive applications that give a balance between cult user experiences with the latest technologies.

Evolution of Hybrid Technology enables the Startup Entrepreneurs and SME’s to launch their beta product with a cost-effective way to test the feasibility of their idea and approach. We have helped 72+ Business and Startup to go with the beta launch by leveraging the essence on Hybrid Technology.

Our team of Hybrid App Developers is way ahead of the traditional App Developers in the market; they focus on delivering a seamless experience to application user on different Operating Systems and device sizes.

As Samosys holds the tag of Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in India and many different zones in the world including UAE, USA, Canada, and Australia, strive to build & implement feature-rich Hybrid Mobile App Development services that take your business ahead of your competition.



About Hybrid Mobile App

The apps which are once created and can run on multiple platforms are called Hybrid Apps. Hybrid apps are deployed in a native container that uses a mobile Web View object (UIWebView on iOS, WebView on Android and others). When the app is used, this object displays web content thanks to the use of web technologies (CSS, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5).

Hybrid apps are more popular these days because they permit developers to write common code for a mobile app once and still accommodate multiple platforms. The Hybrid apps don’t need to build and maintain a separate code base just like Android and iOS apps.




  • With a hybrid app, you can target a massive number of audiences. Currently, 87% of mobile users use the android platform and rest use the iPhone. By building a hybrid app gets you 100% engagement exposure on both the platforms simultaneously.
  • Hybrid apps are based on web technologies so that they can be run on any browsers like websites or as Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
  • Hybrid apps are not required high maintenance like native apps. The hybrid apps’ code is straightforward, and it can quickly be updated for any design changes or bug fixation.
  • It is entirely an open source framework so that there is an opportunity to develop great apps by using HTML5.
  • It is interesting to note that Ionic is platform independent (iOS, android. windows mobile), making the development of apps feasible on all the leading mobile platforms.
  • Development of apps on multiple platforms, economizes time of rewriting the codes.
  • Presence of numerous pre-generated app setups, helps in beginning quickly with a simple layout app.
  • Ionic framework is compatible with AngularJS, code produced is very efficient on mobile devices and uses all benefits of popular AngularJS Framework Development.
  • Ionic framework provides in-built integration with Phonegap and Cordova to compile code to mobile apps.