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Almost everyone is playing a game on their phones and gaming laptops. Those who are smart, understand that the e-sports industry is flourishing every day and is a good business opportunity to invest in. HTML5 is one of the most profoundly used game development platforms. It’s because it optimizes the development time.

It’s hard to find proven HTML5 development companies in India that provide top-quality services. At Samosys, we have a proven track record for developing & delivering seamless gaming applications for our clients across the globe. Our developer team is great at developing HTML5 games very effectively and efficiently.

With rigorous and constant research, followed by staying on top of the latest gaming trends. This is how our team ensures seamless product development and an entertaining customer experience.




HTML5 is one of the standard mark-up languages used for web and software development. And now, with added features for audio and video tags, you can also add the audio and videos to your websites, apps & games using HTML5.

Using HTML5, various vector graphics can be created consisting of multi-colours and shapes. Apart from that, the framework offers various tags which allow developers to create a lot of digital miracles.

Once, the clients decide what they want and after understanding their special needs, well-experienced and skilled HTML5 developers can make miracles happen for them. Our thorough interaction with our clients and the beyond expectation final products are the reason we made it to the list of top HTML5 development companies in India.

  • The development time while creating a game using HTML5 is very quick and does not involve the usual hassle, which would otherwise exist with other technologies.
  • With the use of HTML5, the developers can focus on making the applications for multiple platforms without worrying about the varying sizes of the screen or even the platform.
  • The graphics and the animations that are used are of top quality.
  • With the multiple features, it is very beneficial for the HTML5 developers to speak with the clients and understand what exactly is needed as the end product.
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    What to Expect:

  • Every project that we take up and work upon, goes through a series of checkpoints. Every single line of code is thoroughly verified by a hierarchy of experts. We are here to ensure that our client and their users do not face any difficulties.
  • We are very capable to handle multiple clients and customers at once without any problem. So, whenever you are working with us, you are always on a priority list.
  • Once we take up a project we will provide top-quality service and on time. You would not have to worry about any challenges that you might have to face. For us, commitment is above everything.
  • It’s time to invest your time, money, energy and every other resource in a fully modernised gaming platform. With the best HTML5 development company in India, you won’t have to worry about a penny. Get in contact with our game development team and you are all set to become the winning player of the E-Sports industry.