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In the age of Big Data, Hadoop is a handy platform for businesses. Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework that provides storage and processing datasets on clusters of commodity servers. At Samosys, we offer excellent Apache Hadoop implementation services to excel in your business growth.

We assist you in deriving value from your Big Data by doing the seamless implementation. Our team experts deliver overall solutions for Hadoop, from consultation to deployment to end support. Our team makes managing complex data to an easy job. The developers at Samosys also practice some big data technologies like Apache Hive, Apache Spark/Scala and Apache Cassandra in order to provide more efficient solutions to our clients.



About hadoop Analytics

Apache Hadoop is an open-source data framework developed in Java, used to store, analyze, and streamline large sets of unstructured or scattered data. Apache Hadoop is specially built to help enterprises to avail insights from a vast dataset. Hadoop has a Distributed File System commonly known as HDFS that stores data on commodity hardware and links the several file systems into a single and big file system.

Hadoop made it easy for companies to analyze the big data sets in a structured manner using free, open-source software and inexpensive hardware. It is an essential development as it offers an excellent alternative to the data warehousing solutions. It also added close data formats to ensure end-to-end encryption.




  • It allows multiple concurrent tasks to run from single to thousands of servers without any delay.
  • The Apache Hadoop consists of a distributed file system (HDFS) that allows transferring data and files in split seconds between different nodes.
  • The process is able to work efficiently, even if a node fails.
  • With Hadoop, analysts and data scientists have the flexibility to develop and iterate on advanced statistical models that are helpful in business growth
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    What to Expect

  • Our expert developers emphasize Apache Hadoop as it is one of the prominent frameworks, but our proficiency is far beyond it. We have expertise in working with another framework too,
  • We make plans and strategies to help our clients solve their business issues and make them fully satisfied.
  • Our developers are skilled in planning a successful design and developing to offer seamless big data solutions such as Apache Hadoop services.
  • We have experienced hand in implementing Hadoop and solving many complex business issues related to unstructured data sets and storage.