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Project Story

The project aims to solve the problem of parking space by designing better ways to find, reserve, and pay for parking. It made life more comfortable and eliminated the headache to run to and fro. The app has made the cities more accessible and our world more connected. The app has two different logins for the customer and owner to register, add details and chat according to their interest.


Creating post: The app enables the owner to create a post or ad with specific details like address, availability dates, time, price, and vehicle type. With this posted ad, the customer gets an idea, whether it matches his requirements or not. A suitable customer can reach the owner directly by sending a chat request.

Checking the spot availability at a nearby location: The app facilitates customers to check available space at a nearby location. If he couldn't find any, he can manually add the desired location to find a perfect parking spot.

Sort the spot by price: The app allows customers to sort the parking app within a certain budget range. It saves the time of the customers to go through several non-relevant ads.

In-built chat option: This feature streamlines the process by offering a communication channel where both parties can discuss the concerns and finalize the deal.


Each innovative idea has some challenges, but with expertise, it can be easily tamed.


It was not easy to implement a real-time chat system for seamless communication between the owner and the customer. The other obstacle was to show the current location in order to display nearby ads.


To facilitate users continuous and uninterrupted messaging, "firebase notifications" has been used. It provides a flawless and ideal chatting experience. In addition to this, to find out the location of nearby ads, Google Maps and Google Places libraries have been implemented in the application.

Technology stack

This is a cross-platform app that is built on React Native, PHP
(CI framework), and MySQL for database management.

Final Result

The final product is an application that can run on multiple operating systems to solve the challenge of finding an ideal space to park the vehicle. It also offers owners some extra money by renting the available spot for a few days by posting an ad—this two-way cooperative app buzzing in the market.