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Media & Entertainment

Create your own mobile-centric Ecommerce model-supporting app to make an amazing facility for end-users on the go.


Media and Entertainment is one of the world's fastest-growing industries. Over the last decade, the industry has been driven largely by increased digitization and increased internet usage. To certain people the Internet has become like a mass network to entertainment. Media & Entertainment businesses need to concentrate on a wide variety of issues. Among the most important issues are content delivery, cross-channel distribution, access tools, marketing strategies, business models as well as consumer data and performance indicators. In addition, there are increasing demands from digitally-savvy customers. We hope today to be able to pick and access the content we want, the way they want and whenever they want it. Improving customer service through smart apps is important to maintain a competitive edge.

Custom Music
Software Solution

Development Solutions

Our developers are making music apps that integrate management features like equalizers, MIDI playback, and more.

MultiPlatform Support

We are developing native and cross-platform music apps that have made App Store & Google Play eligible and integrate with existing websites.

Music Streaming Solution

Our team of experts develops applications to provide an array of features such as control of audio libraries and limitless storage space.

Why Samosys?

Samosys is a cloud, internet, desktop, and embedded software applications, QA, and research app, product creation, and consulting company. Since 2013, we have been bringing digital transformation in banking and finance, insurance,telecommunications, healthcare, and retail to mid-sized and large enterprises. We cover it all from consulting to development and maintenance - helping businesses to own distinctively impactful presence with end-to-end high-perspective solutions. No matter how specific or particular your needs are, we can bring you the most delightful match of a solution to your M&E project.

Whether it’s production, distribution, broadcasting, building deliveryplatforms, or simply remodeling entertainment offerings – you can count on us as your technology partner.Our years of experience working in the space of Media & Entertainment helps us craft superlative M&E solutions. With our team of experts incessantly working on latest technology and perceptive tactical choices – we allow you to get the most out of your piece of idea in your tangent of business.

Challenges and Solutions
in Media and Entertainment

User Experience
Retaining Customers
Integration across Multiple Platforms
Monetization of Content
Shorter Time-to-Market
User Experience
Latest Technology

We build the skeleton of web and mobile applications while implementing the latest technologies in our development services, and add impressive features to it.


Customer loyalty is our primary concern, and we work to build a results-oriented approach with a commitment to the needs of the customers.

Effective Operations

We build the skeleton of web and mobile applications while implementing the latest technologies in our development services, and add impressive features to it.

We build solutions that drive business outcomes

Established media applications serve as global communities where users can share experiences without restriction – text messaging, photo/video sharing, live video streaming through Smart TV, Dune HD and JWPlayer are just a few cool features our hire outsource programmers can create for you!

Our team carefully designs user interfaces and brings them to life from initial storyboards and the user interface to a completely usable proof of concept

Media Production Software: Our Approach

Samosys team is a specialist in delivering high-load Java web applications and Media and Entertainment niche websites. Even relatively simple solutions can handle thousands of requests per second easily, and continue to work in coordination. We are responsible for everything, from the project's initial design to completion. The company s helping with the concept, scripting, scheduling, casting, etc. They oversee recording and keep up with ventures