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In this competitive environment, there is always pressure to deliver goods fast; hence, companies are using alternative transport modes and smarter routes to achieve their goals. In order to keep up with the sector, businesses are introducing comprehensive IT technologies for transport logistics as one of the ways to address these challenges. Samosys leadership in delivering strategic device creation options to consumers on-site or in the cloud through dozens of industries. We know how challenging logistics is when it comes to transport, so we can overcome that, we are specialized in designing organizational solutions that can be customized to the needs of each retailer. We adopt the strategy of business versatility that can provide enhanced management capabilities and increasing the sales of perfect orders.

Challenges and Solutions in
Logistic app development

Log tracks of fingers moving automatically send the driver's log module which relieves the driver's pain of making manual entries whenever he has had the trips. Multilingual Support We understand the importance of the language that can work on any platform. If the driver has different backgrounds, this feature lets them run the app from the language of their choosing.

Notifications on the Go

Isn’t it great, if you get notified whenever the driver makes a move? Hence, you get peace of mind as it refrains you from calling many times to know the exact details of the driver.

Real-time Chat

When you are dealing with a number of drivers, it is important to communicate at some interval of time. What if there is a change in the route to make delivery? Real-time chat enhances communication and helps to survive in the worst situation.

Help To Build Logistics Solutions.

Logistic solution outsourcing has always been a smart step for companies looking to improve processes,
increase performance, reduce risks, and save time and money! The greatest advantage of mobile logistics
software is that it provides. Freight data analytics Real-time freight rates Increased customer service
Eliminate multiple WMS and TMS systems.

Samosys understand that a streamlined model is vital to gaining a competitive advantage for the logistics industry. We, therefore, deliver logistic production of apps which can help increase productivity and gain advantage over competitors Helps in optimizing the resources Scalability and Flexibility Save your time and money. Great expertise for your business Expand your logistic networks.

Our Logistics & Transportation Specialties

As a service provider for the production of Logistics & Transportation applications, we are experienced in developing complex learning apps that support leading logistics & transportation companies around the world.

Set of Polls

A streamlined software that helps handle the collection of tolls covering a wide range of highways. Vehicle remote locking apps An app that lets you lock or open the doors to your car from distant locations and improves security features.

Online invoicing app

A portal/app which can help businesses collect invoices for quicker payment and better handle cash flows.

Resource management app

An app that allows you to manage your employees better and monitor their performance regularly.

HR management portal

A web-based platform for staff to view information pertaining to HR and gather data.

Why choose us

Our Mobile Apps for Logistics Management will ensure the efficiency of your transport fleet, efficient route management, and resource distribution. This encourages follow- up and offers immediate remedies in the event of any inconvenience. This means that none of your services have to be on hold due to material delivery delays or some other form of distribution challenges. You will get real-time monitoring of all your cargo deliveries, including the routes used and even the status of the shipments, using a fleet management system. In this way, you can easily recognize any incidences that might occur during the delivery. Managing your field operations including deliveries without major setbacks such as vehicle breakdowns is never a more straightforward task. That's where the logistics app comes in to take away all that hustles from you so you can concentrate on other important issues for your business to grow.

Taxi App Development

With more than 50 Uber-like ride apps on the market, we are able to take on board any
taxi-app growth challenge. To make it strong enough to manage 10000 requests at
a time, we will power your taxi startup!

What do you get?

-Seamless UI/UX

-Completely Customizable Platform
-Secured Payment Integration
-Driver’s app, Passenger's app and Admin Dashboard

Bring Efficiency & Automation In Your Transport Business.

In the transport and logistics industries, the fight to produce continuous revenue has increased. Samosys knows the war and therefore provides a viable production of the transport and logistics software. We've been working with 50 + taxi, bus, and truck/logistics clients to provide them with a solution to grow their business at a competitive price! We strive to be the best company for the development of transport and logistics apps.
-Vehicle & inventory management
-Goods Security
-Easy GPS Tracking
-Improved Communication