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Currently, all of the industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution. To seamless offer these services you need to shake hands with IT experts.


Energy software solution includes planning and scheduling tools to maximize energy usage and supply, energy balance management tools to help you get the best price for the energy you need, and monitoring tools to help you track energy use, cost, performance and other details related to the energy.

Its modular structure allows a small start to implementation and to expand over time. Energy software solution can be scaled from a single facility's energy monitoring program to a multi-facility enterprise-wide framework supporting hundreds of users as they manage energy planning and procurement for your company. Most companies worldwide are facing tough times because of rising commodity prices, intense reserve competition, unequal demand, increasing customer and regulatory demands and the need for new technology in particular.


Multiple data sources, providing a single unified reporting framework for all of the energy and carbon reporting requirements. The machine recognizes that you are not limited to energy data alone, all oils, liquids and gasses, operating data, temperature, humidity, distance and weight.

What We Do

Innovative designers have projects that positively affect the brand and company of our customers enabling them to achieve their goals. Starting with creating an energy usage inventory comprehensive audit activities will be carried out to classify buildings and facilities with particular emphasis on rationalizing their energy profiles. Field measurements for quantifying critical operating parameters will also be taken. We provide comprehensive energy audits at a fair cost to your entire energy infrastructure.

Our auditing services are provided by certified BEE Energy Auditors and can be used to comply with all legislation. Our consultancy helps companies slash their energy bills, increase their facilitie's efficiency, and build cohesion between individual, organizational units, thereby providing better overall results.

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The use of energy has become a cornerstone to the human society's growth by regulating and responding to the environment. For any functioning community regulating the use of electricity is unavoidable. For agriculture, transport, waste management, information technology, and communications that have become a global society's preconditions, energy resource development has become important in the developed world.

The growing use of electricity since the Industrial Revolution has nevertheless brought a range of significant issues, some of which pose extremely dangerous dangers for the environment, such as global warming. Carbon and infrastructure businesses are facing a degree of uncertainty that has not been seen in decades. New, cash-rich competitors spoil the market. Prices for renewables are continuing to ratchet down. New systems for energy storage are increasingly industrialized.

What can Energy Management Software Really do for you?

Energy management data helps you to control the energy use of your company proactively, based on specific details and use trends. You may make data-driven decisions based on historical information by collecting the usage details and normalizing the data.

In short, normalization gives a detailed look at how energy is used by your company and provides a simple image of the average energy use of the facilities you operate. For energy management tools, data on your energy usage can be optimized for such factors as:

- Building use

- Usage peaks - Weather

Mining & Metals Industry Software

Our extensive portfolio of solutions is uniquely designed to address the challenges facing the mining and metals industry, which will help you boost financial and operational performance while optimizing profits. We provide the right combination of tools, experience and industry expertise to take your business forward with end-to-end ERP, financial management, asset management, and business intelligence solutions.

- Insight into primary financial and operational data.

- Fast built-in design research.

- Easily and efficiently control your JVs / PSAs.

- Easy multi-GAAP functionality with multiple account structures.

- Sophisticated and adequate coverage specific to the field of mining and metals Comprehensive management and performance control of the properties.

- Predict durability of the properties and regulatory risks accurately.

- Visibility in real-time over the supply chain.

- Maximize job efficiency in the field and track work performance effectively.

-Improve control over inventories and eliminate unnecessary freight costs.

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Systems to Detect Improper Sets Points Early
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