Games are played by every age group, that’s why many entrepreneurs are investing in game development to amplify the business growth. In the series of game development HTML5 is the most prominent for mobile browsers instead of developing all the modules from scratch. There are few tested & high performance engines with which the development time will be fastened and delivers good quality. Samosys have proven track record of developing seamless HTML5 games for our clients all over the world. Our HTML5 mobile game developers do lots of research consistently on the trending gaming strategy and technology to remain updated with the latest trends on the market and offer seamless services.




HTML5 is a technology that possesses amazing video capabilities along with extraordinary features such as Web Workers API, Canvas API, HTML5 Websocket, Web Storage API, and more. By using very advanced HTML5 development frameworks like Cocos2d-JS, PlayCanvas, PixiJS, and Three.JS, helps in developing online games that run smoothly across both mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop (Windows & Mac) browsers and other platforms that support HTML5 Games. This platform indecency feature makes it more lovable in the gaming industry.

  • HTML5 game development process is really very quick. You don’t have to wait for compilation, updates and debugging in real-time. In fact, push out the update immediately once it is completed.
  • HTML5 Game development doesn’t require native platform to run its code. In HTML5 game development, the developers can focus on the gameplay and how your game will respond to various screen sizes and input types.
  • It does not any extra setup or configuration to deploy the HTML5 Game code. Users can even share the game freely using a link. There is no unnecessary need to download, install, and configure game packages. Anyone can get started just like that.
  • The magnify the gaming experience by offering great graphics and animations.
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    What to expect:

  • Our designers are highly experienced at designing stunning HTML5 games of various genres, including Adventure & action games, Strategy & word games, Arcade games, Board, card, casino & dice games, Puzzle games, Educational games and others.
  • We only deliver project once we conduct various test cycles where they check performance, compatibility, 3d party integrations, bugs, glitches and more.
  • We are specialized in creating multi-player networks that can easily handle thousands of concurrent users at same time.
  • Our team is expertise in creating characters, environments, props, interfaces, etc., to give unique style.
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