Samosys is one of the leading Node JS development services in India. We are known for building rich, high performance and scalable web and mobile applications. Our Node JS developers have a high proficiency level with MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS. (MEAN + MERN Stack). Node JS is mainly used for building fast-loading, robust and scalable network applications in a real-time environment. We offer a cross-platform Node JS Web Development Solutions that runs on various platforms with providing a seamless user experience and intuitive UI.



About Node?

Node JS is primarily used to build back end services that communicate with client-side applications, so the applications made with Node Js are more compatible with multiple platforms. The NPM (Node Package Manager) consists of thousands of open source libraries that offer high scalability to handle heavy application loads. An application that is built on Node JS can handle multiple client application requests at one time.

Node JS applications are prevalent nowadays as it's I/O model is perfect for real-time web applications that's why some of the leading companies like Netflix, Paypal, Walmart, eBay, and Uber are investing in Node JS production. Why do you lag behind? Hire our Node JS Developers and create an app that adds value to your business.




  • Node JS is a multipurpose platform with 4 million+ users worldwide with 100% successful web apps.
  • Node JS provides integration with WebRTC and Web Socket.
  • To build an AI-powered web UI chatbot, Node JS excels in conversion interaction, natural language detection, and answer discovery, making it the best choice for IoT platforms.
  • Node JS made JavaScript coding possible both on the client and server side.
  • Node JS, together with Angular and React JS, create robust enterprise solutions.
  • Node JS development improves app response time, development time, and productivity to enable businesses with a competitive edge.
  • The Node JS application provides a thoroughly reliable, robust, secure architecture in order to give your business a new height.
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    What to expect:

  • We have successfully delivered 60+ projects and worked with almost every industry, including healthcare, fintech, logistics, education, and media etc.
  • By understanding the unique requirements of our clients and offering cost-effective yet growth-oriented web and mobile apps.
  • With our multi-talented Node JS developers who have mastery over creating real-time apps, you will get a custom application with fantastic UI.
  • We are ready to sign NDA if our clients want to keep their idea away from the public domain.
  • We offer 100% transparency in the business deal
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