Samosys has a specialized team of professionals that have high proficiency in HTML5 Web Development which is used to develop light, and fast web solutions to help a business have strong competitive base.

The next generation modern web development, HTML 5 web development platform offers features and benefits with database integration, CMS site with dynamic pages, and video features.

We have team of skilled HTML5 Developers that have expertise and technology savvy to create immaculate websites according to the industry standards. With the technology upgrade, our developer continues improvement their skills and knowledge to provide you the best website development services.



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  • Easy to treat every open instance as a different thread so that it improve the performance of the website. This feature is highly beneficial for web applications running on heavy scripts.
  • The new HTML5 web standard calls for website to be more dynamic with various Canvas elements being integrated into it. Canvassing images over images to make them appear unique and vibrant.
  • Geo-location and high level location based web applications uses HTML5 API functionality. Easy to incorporate in a web portal to geo location targeted audience.
  • Video element incorporation has boosted the importance of HTML5. It has become very easy to embed a code to a video with ease bringing it at par with images.
  • HTML5 has lead to a whole new era of web applications. Its core functionality provides ability to store web applications locally in application cache, making it very easy for users to access the application.
  • Responsive websites not only adapt to their environments but also enable business websites draw huge traffic when people access them using their hand-held devices.
  • Eliminating the need for any third party software for audio/video embedding.
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