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Codeigniter is today the most used open-source programming
language for building small to enterprise web apps.

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Big companies using Codeigniter

It is a tracking application used for dealing with distributed in different locations to fulfill their customers' needs. It is also using social media as a way of increasing traffic to their customers.

A well-known car company trust Codeigniter for selling and promoting Nissan cars. Also, it provides complete information about all cars on its website.

It is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, offering other services like watches, computers and a lot more. Its website is completely based on Codeigniter.

A South African well-known weekly newspaper, commonly known as Weekly Mail, use Codeigniter to publish political analysis, investigative reporting, Southern African news, local arts, music, and popular culture.

It is an online shop for baby product retailing. With more than 13 million unique parents engage every month and 92 million monthly engagements on the platform, it is one of the most loved online stores for toddlers' products, including clothing, shoes and much more

Why should you choose
Codeigniter Web Development?

Feature-rich platform:

The libraries that the CodeIgniter uses are filled with many unique features and due to this reason, the interface is very simple and easy to use. The user does not have to face any hassle and can use the tool to go on with their work with much ease. With the help of a good CodeIgniter development company in India like Samosys, anyone can get a great website today.


eCommerce websites require the online payment feature to avoid any hassle and CodeIgniter platforms provides users with compatibility with a wide variety of internationally accepted online payment gateways. The platform provides the website with added security features to keep privacy intact.

Seamless Migration:

If you are considering migrating from the current server to another one or if you are looking to migrate, CodeIgniter provides the customer with all the necessary support services. This is one of the many reasons due to which people prefer CodeIgniter.

As far as CodeIgniter development services are concerned, Samosys provides you with:

  • An expert team with years of hands-on experience in working with CodeIgniter.
  • Experts who are skilled in integrating third-party services like payment gateways, analytics, social media, email services, etc., by using various APIs.
  • On-time delivery
  • Error-free CodeIgniter applications with Quality check
  • 24/7 availability of developers
  • Flexible hiring model

How will Codeigniter developers from
Samosys help you?

10+ years of experience

Expertise in integrating third-party services like payment gateways, analytics, social media, email services, etc., by using various APIs.

On-time delivery error-free CodeIgniter web applications by measuring quality check.

24/7 availability of developers

Flexible hiring model

How to Find the Best CodeIgniters
at Samosys?

Step: 1 Requirement gathering

To start with the process, the consultant from our side will meet with you and discuss the whole process. This is a very crucial step in starting the whole process and needs to be done in a very disciplined manner.

With the cost and the estimation of the resources out of the way, you can directly get in touch with the project manager. You can speak with them regarding the project lifecycle and get all the updates on your ongoing project. They are highly experienced people and will be able to provide an answer to any doubts that you may have during the process.

Step: 2 Talk to PM

Step: 3 Skill sharing

We provide you with multiple candidates who are fit for the job. You can browse their profiles and select the ones whom you see fit. If you are not satisfied with the team, then it may cause problems going forward so that should be completely avoided.

We allow you to interview the team, ask them questions and understand the whole process. You get to know about the team you are going to hire and get an idea about their strength and proficiency. And if you feel comfortable you can also go ahead and hire them as the next part.

Step: 4 Interactive Session with your Developers

Step: 5 Finalizing the deal

Once you are satisfied with the team composition, you can finalize the deal and go ahead.

Once the deal is finalized and completed, the developers can get in contact with you directly and discuss how to go ahead with the app development. You can speak anything regarding the project without any trouble.

At Samosys, we are making sure that every single IT requirement of your business gets fulfilled with quality deliverables. Get in contact with our team, right away and speed up the hiring process. Just like Rome, web-applications are also not built in a day. The earlier, the merrier.

Step: 6 The team is yours

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