Ruby on Rails or RoR framework is based on ionic Ruby that supports development for web, mobile & other customized applications. At Samosys, we create dynamic web applications in a shorter time span as the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture of Ruby on Rails enables complete web application development in discrete layers. Our Ruby on Rails (ROR) framework developers are proficient in developing complex and challenging apps and providing secure, reliable and trusted back-end user interfaces.




Ruby on Rails is an open-source software framework used by big enterprises to develop huge applications. RoR can be easily customized to fulfill the SMEs' requirements. RoR framework is a collection of code libraries that offer a ready-made solution to accomplish repetitive tasks like developing tables, forms or menus, etc. RoR is the combination of Ruby programming language with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in order to develop web apps that execute on a web server.

More than 390,300 websites are currently using Ruby on Rails (RoR) and with almost 252,210 unique domains, including industries like Computer electronics & Telecommunication, Science and Education, Fintech and so forth. Ruby on Rails generally used in developing dynamic web applications to build a scalable product. With simple integrations with custom and 3rd party APIs made this framework robust.




  • The application developing in Ruby on Rails (RoR) is cross-platform and compatible with various web brewers. It also offers solutions to build robust applications for mobile too.
  • As Ruby on Rails applications are developed faster, it implies that the app is going to be budget-friendly.
  • The in-built security features of Ruby on Rails (ROR) follow a Secure Software Development Life Cycle process to ensure a safe and secure environment.
  • The RoR apps are easier maintained, and supports are available.
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    What to expect:

  • Our developers use an agile methodology to develop the application.
  • The developers create an application which is engaging, user friendly and elegant.
  • We offer cost-effective solutions to cater your business growth.
  • Our developers are 24 /7 available to assist you.
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