Since its inception, CakePHP has been making a great impact in delivering real-time, feature-rich solutions to the business enterprises across all industry verticals.

At Planet Web Solutions, our team of highly experienced CakePHP developers helps your business in creating highly compelling and functional web portals through the expertise offered in CakePHP development services.

We help you develop feature-rich and highly powerful online solutions for your business through top-notch CakePHP development solutions. Empower your business to surge ahead in competition with high-end CakePHP development services offered by our experts.



Why CakePHP is So Popular

CakePHP has become a preferred choice of web developers and businesses alike since inception. A few of the noteworthy reasons for the growing popularity of this framework are

  • Quick and secure development process
  • Compatible with PHP 4 and higher versions
  • Highly customizable
  • Follows MVC conventions
  • Support for various database and data mapping
  • Supports Ajax, HTML, and JS
  • Flexible caching and data validation
  • Open source framework with a wide community
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    CakePHP Development Services

    Our large and enthusiastic developer base with rich industry experience and in-depth technical knowledge develops a wide range of robust CakePHP solutions for various industry verticals using the resourceful features like built-in caching, translations, database access, validations, and authentication. We are known for maintaining the best CakePHP web development standards and capable to handle simple to complex projects without any hassle.

    Whether you are a small business experimenting with PHP or a business with enterprise level requirements, we have custom-built solutions for your needs. We promise you to deliver result-oriented solution for your CakePHP development project.

  • CakePHP web development and integration
  • CakePHP web application development and customization
  • CakePHP eCommerce development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Custom module development
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    Why Solution Analysts is Your Trusted CakePHP Development Company

  • Experienced web developers and designers
  • Following CakePHP conventions strictly and strongly
  • Utilize industry-standard tools and plugins
  • Excellent track record of completing projects within budget and deadline
  • Extensive technological assistance
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